Advantages of Japan Data Center

Optimum for continuing business with good public safety and low political risk Japan's public safety is one of the best in the world

Japan's public safety is one of the best in the world with extremely low risk regarding race, religion, political instability while there is little threat of terrorism and dispute. "Gifu Prefecture", where our data center is located, has low crime rate and good public safety, in comparison to highly populated Tokyo or Osaka.

A Nation of "Omotenashi", "Earnesty" and "Diligence"

It is said that most Japanese has spirit of "Omotenashi (hospitality)", and are "earnest" and "diligent". They dislike causing trouble to others and act with consideration to the customers. The data center where company's confidential data is handled, it is essential that operators be "earnest" and "diligent". "Gifu prefecture", where our data center is located, has the fourth largest population of foreigners, following Tokyo, Aichi, and Osaka. The Chinese ratio is the second largest nationwide. There are many opportunities for foreigners to play active role in the enclosed Japanese society.

Stable, disaster-resistant infrastructure

Japan has frequent earthquakes and is called a nation of disasters. For this reason, Japan boasts of world's top-level disaster management technologies, and has a variety of measures in place in order to resume businesses even when a disaster occurs. Japan has extremely low incidence of power outage compared with the United States and Europe, and fiber optic communication infrastructure is developed. Our data center is equipped with a large UPS and emergency generators, and serves as a communication infrastructure hub that connects Osaka and Tokyo.

Advantages of MiraiNET Data Center Park

 MiraiNET Datacenter park map

Data Center located in the center of Japan

Japanese users do not exist only in Tokyo. About 90 percent of the population lives outside of Tokyo. There are many users in west Japan such as Osaka and Aichi. Gifu Prefecture, where MiraiNet Datacenter is located, is in the center of Japan and is optimum for covering users nationwide. Famous sites of Japan are nearby. For example, it takes 40 minutes to Kyoto by train and 100 minutes to Mt. Fuji.

Service for Japanese users should be in Japan

Japanese users strongly desire the accessed server be located in Japan. This is due to the delay caused by using submarine cable and with a vague anxiety about country risk in foreign nations. Especially, the gaming industry in which delay is a critical issue, and in business fields handling confidential information places importance of locating a server inside Japan.

The world's first* footbath in a DC

*Sufficient research has not been conducted but probably it is the world's first.

"KURAUDO NO YU" heals the engineers who fight at the forefront of cloud computing


Ogaki city of Gifu is known as the "City of Water" since ancient times with an abundance of underground water at a stable temperature throughout the year. This cold groundwater is utilized for air conditioning in the server room at MiraiNet Datacenter Park, introducing a system for reducing electric power consumption. Warmed groundwater is then utilized for the footbath, "KURAUDO NO YU", in the refreshing room for engineers' refreshment.

To do business in japan

The best choice when an office is needed in Japan

Located next to Softopia Japan, the IT hub in Gifu Easy to install office functions


Office function is an important factor for companies when selecting a data center in Japan for placing engineers. Data centers in a suburban area have no offices in the neighborhood, and office rent is expensive near data centers in a large city. Our data center is adjacent to "Softpia Japan", the IT hub and direct fiber-optic connection to each room is possible. It is an ideal location for establishing an office using a Japanese data center at a reasonable rent compared to large cities. Furthermore, human resources and companies for operation and maintenance are concentrated in the IT hub, and the communication infrastructure is established as a hub for connecting large cities in the east and west.

Link : Softopia Japan *English


Engineer-friendly data center, suitable for large-scale projects

Project roomExclusive room with comfortable work environment in a secure area. Cable connectible to the server room
Kitting roomThis is not a small server room, but is an exclusive space for kitting that facilitates smooth assembly to racks.
Touchdown officeWork space for non-engineers to use laptops, etc. Power supply and Internet available.
Exclusive lockerLockers for temporarily storing customer's private belongings and media.
Entry / exit management available24 hours a day entry / exit system. Monitors entry / exit of equipment maintenance staff as well.
Packaging material disposingDisposal service available for packing material such as cardboards, plastics and styrene foam.

Ideal for DC in DC business

Exclusive compartment suppliedDedicated partition in the server room can be provided by using cage (optional).
Remote handBasic work will be carried out by our staff before customer's arrival. Power supply on/off, visual check, cable insertion and removal, etc.
Presentation roomPresentation room for end users.
Facility tourA tour route is available for end users to tour the DC. Guidance available.

Equipment Outline

*JDCC Tier 3 (equivalent to Tier 4 except for some sections)
*Some specifications are under planning as of March 19, 2014.

Disaster countermeasures

Earthquake countermeasuresSteel-framed structure, quake-absorbing structure
Power outage countermeasuresTwo-line power receiving line, uninterruptible power supply (UPS, redundant configuration), private power generators (fuel for 48 hours stored)
Fire countermeasuresFireproof building, gas extinguishing equipment , ultra-sensitive smoke sensors
Flood countermeasuresThe first floor is 0.6m above the flood level indicated in the hazard map issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Lightning countermeasuresLightning protection system

Security measures

Intrusion preventionPeriphery sensor monitoring, surveillance camera
Entry / exit managementContactless IC card + biometric authentication, tailgating prevention
Operation system24 hours a day, 365 days a year manned monitoring


Scale4 floors above ground, site area: 4367.21m² *Phase 1
Server roomServer room gross area: 800m², floor withstand load: 1,000kg/m²
Air conditioning facilityRedundant operation with N+1 method
Cable carrierCarrier free

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